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Upcoming Learning Sessions

  • Elation Quick Start Training

    Thursdays Weekly · 1-2pm PDT

    Attend this training to learn the workflows and features you need to start seeing patients using Elation.

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On-Demand Sessions

  • 2022 MIPS: Reporting Specialized Clinical Quality Measures

    Want to report on Clinical Quality Measures that aren’t in Elation? Learn how you can use a 3rd party registry to access additional measures.

    MIPS Reporting Specialized Clinical Quality Measures
  • 2022 MIPS: Mid-Year Checklist for Success

    Hear what you should be doing between now and the end of the year to avoid a penalty in MIPS.

    Learning Session MIPS Mid year Check in
  • *E Best Practices: Coordinating In-house Actions: Injections, Procedures, Labs, and Release Letters

    Learn best practices for in-house injections, procedures, labs, and letters.

    In house Actions Labs Procedures Tasks Letters
  • *E & Partners: Managing Memberships with Hint

    Learn all about our integrated membership management partner, Hint.

    Introduction to Hint
  • *E Best Practices: Enabling Virtual Care with Elation

    Learn which tools and configurations you should leverage in Elation to deliver care virtually to your patients

    Enabling Virtual Care with Elation
  • *E Best Practices: Self-scheduling and Forms from the Patient’s Point-of-View

    Learn what the self-scheduling and forms experience looks like from your patient’s point-of-view.

    Self scheduling and Forms from the Patients Point of View
  • *E Best Practices: Patient Passport from the Patient’s Point-of-View

    Learn what the patient portal experience looks like from your patient’s point-of-view.

    Patient Passport from Patients Point of View
  • *E & Partners: Intro to our Practice Management System (PMS) Partners

    Learn who our integrated PMS partners are and how to find the best fit for your practice.

    Elation Partners PMS Deep Dive
  • *E Best Practices: Chronic Care Management (CCM) Documentation

    Learn how to document a longitudinal care plan and track time spent towards your patients.

    Elation Best Practices CCM Documentation
  • *E & Quality Programs: Optimizing your Promoting Interoperability (PI) Score

    Learn Elation’s workflows for Promoting Interoperability requirements

    E Quality Programs Optimizing your Promoting Interoperability PI Score
  • *E Best Practices: Driving Action at the Point-of-Care

    Learn best practices for addressing Elation’s clinical reminders and creating custom reminders

    E Best Practices Driving Action at the Point of Care
  • *E Best Practices: Medical Intake & Chart Prep Efficiency

    Learn tips to accelerate your MA intake and chart prep process

    Elation Best Practices Medical Intake and Chart Prep
  • *E Best Practices: Ordering from Elation

    Learn how to transmit orders from Elation and avoid common errors

    Ordering by Elation
  • *E & Quality Programs: eCQM Common Troubleshooting

    Learn about the most common eCQM errors that practices encounter and how to fix them.

    ecqm preview
  • *E Best Practices: Managing the Med List and ePrescribing

    Learn how to clean up your medication list and ePrescribe more easily.

    Med Management and Prescribing
  • *E Best Practices: Encounter Billing and Patient Payments

    Learn how to successfully bill encounters and collect patient payments.

    E Best Practices Visit Note Documentation and Efficiency
  • *E Best Practices: Visit Note Documentation and Efficiency

    Learn about our different visit note types and how to improve your documentation efficiency.

    E Best Practices Visit Note Documentation and Efficiency
  • *E & Quality Programs: Understanding MIPS 2022

    Learn about CMS’s MIPS requirements for 2022 and how you can optimize your score

    Elation Quality Success MIPS
  • *E Best Practices: Calendar Management and Scheduling

    Learn how to best configure calendars and address different scheduling scenarios.

    Screen Shot at
  • *E Best Practices: Streamline Provider Account Authentication

    Join us as we shed light on the Provider Authentication process. Learn how to avoid common authentication errors to unlock clinical functionality more quickly.

    Streamline Provider Account Authentication Cover
  • *E Best Practices: Account & User Management Tips

    Learn how to optimally configure your practice’s providers and staff to set them up for success on Elation.

  • Practice Operations Training

    A Best Practices review of staff and administrative settings and workflows in Elation.

    practice operations
  • Before & After the Visit Training

    A Best Practices review of the administrative workflows and everything you need to know to prepare for before and after a patient visit using Elation.

    before after visit cover
  • During the Visit Training

    A Best Practices overview for charting a patient encounter and performing basic clinical activities in Elation.

    during the visit cover
  • 2021 Mips Submission Learning Session

    Learn how to report for MIPS 2021.

    In this learning session, we go over how to navigate Elation so that you can enter the necessary data into the CMS Quality Payment Program portal for submission.

    We also review the “Extreme and Uncontrollable Circumstances Exception”.

  • New ePrescribing Experience

    Elation Health is pleased to announce three new features to upgrade the ePrescribing experience for our customers this year. These new features will help your practice better manage electronic prescriptions. In this session, we cover the details of these new ePrescribing features and answer frequently asked questions.

    screen grab showing webinar introduction slide
  • MIPS Learning Session: COVID Exceptions to Reduce Reporting Burden

    In response to the disruption caused by COVID-19, CMS is allowing all practices to submit applications to waive part or all MIPS reporting requirements.

    Watch this learning session to learn more about these applications and how your practice can take advantage of them to reduce your reporting burden.

    Screen Shot at AM
  • Getting started with Elation Patient Payments

    Learn about how to start using Elation Patient Payments today.

    You will learn how to activate your account, how to request payments and charge cards-on-file and use our integrated patient payment solution in your practice workflow.

    Screen Shot at PM
  • MIPS 2020: Submission Options and Best Practices Overview

    Learn about your options to report for the MIPS 2020 performance year and how to proceed with the optimal choice for your practice.

    We’ll cover reporting requirements, exclusion opportunities, and our new resource center for workflow guidance.

    Screen Shot 2020 09 18 at 12.52.16 PM
  • How to start using Elation Telehealth today

    You will learn how to activate your account and how to conduct video visits using Elation integrated video. We’ll cover tips & tricks on how to optimize your account for telehealth visits, followed by open Q&A.

    Screen Shot 2020 09 18 at 12.54.32 PM
  • Medical History Forms

    Learn about new features that automate your patient intake workflow. This learning session covers the fundamentals of creating, collecting, and verifying information with medical history forms in Elation.

    webinar Medical History Forms 320x180 1
  • COVID-19 Financial Relief Programs

    Learn about the different federal and payer financial relief options available to you and how to apply for each one. Please visit our online COVID-19 Financial Guide for the latest information.

    webinar Financial Relief Programs 320x180 1
  • Elation’s Guide to Transitioning to Teleheath

    Elation’s guide to transitioning your practice to telehealth today.

    webinar Elations Guide to Transitioning to Teleheath 320x180 1
  • Communicating with your patients during COVID-19

    Elation is here to support your practice react to the developing COVID-19 situation. In these videos, we help you learn how to communicate with your patients en masse and individually using Elation.

    webinar COVID 19 Best Practices 320x180 1